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We face real-world challenges by providing solutions to inflate businesses of our clients, whilst developing superior technologies that benefit both the clients and the milieu.


We will be the most valued business associate to all our clientele’s and deem in building enduring partnerships.


● Forging Excellence  ● Client Focused ● Integrity
● Accountability          ● Inclusiveness    ● Loyalty
● Professionalism       ● Generosity        ● Teamwork


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Melbourne, Australia

What a way to kick-off!!!……In the icy, grey winter days of Melbourne, sipping my favourite short black coffee and with far-reaching career thoughts, provoked me to venture and make my dream a reality. An incredible creative partnership with my mate, we filled out each other’s inadequacies. Talking about what kind of work we like to create, we nearly agreed on a few things and asked “what next?” Company naming at the time was very obtuse.

Settled on the title Dreamz Consortium, an IT firm that operated under the same until November 2011 was more of a boutique than a big, full-service firm where our business associates were not just satisfied by our work but were impressed.



The independent, founder-controlled company was rechristened to Veniteck Solutions (logo transformed with effect to name change) to counterpart the IT milieu since technology was commodifying. A firm that pledges in maintaining a lasting professional affiliation with no dissonance between the clients and the folks performing the job. Eventually, the strategy to widen, enlist personnel and to relocate was ensuing.



The young and aspiring service provider relocated, with headquarters in the Silicon City of India, Bangalore, and aids divisions in Melbourne, Dubai, and London. The prime phase was to boost our crew and focus on attaining the clientele’s requisites with our meticulous service. The Core Team of designers and developers functions from Bangalore. With years of its operations, Veniteck Solutions have carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and is now increasingly accountable by acquiring some major projects.

In December 2012, we launched our first Mobile Radio Malayalam App.


The good times kept rolling. The motif for more rapid growth, working collaboratively and liability for upshots continues.


A larger office with a boardroom and a stress buster to chillax was exciting.
Our work and exclusive team continue to grow and have become increasingly sophisticated.
We expertise in Business and IT Consulting, Technology Services (Software Development, Website Designing, Web Development and Mobile Apps) and Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO).


Our proficient team with acuity for detail, creating the most appealing, powerful, and handy customized apps, make us visible to the users in need of our amenities.
Work in utmost collaboration with our loyal clienteles to get their core business happening. For every project, we follow the important stages of a Software Development Life Cycle.


With a unique blend of state-of-the-art solutions, overhauling the website was performed. The company now has raised the bar in professionalism, skill set and technical precision, to portray its exceptionality as whizzes to retain clientele’s coming back for more.
Our agility and a clear vision of the trade needs have backed us to add a few more businesses to our index.
Our goal to perform and deliver incredible work, become eminent, authentic and enticing remains enduringly.


Yet another new page in all our lives. Developing mobile applications as per client’s need was challenging and fun. Applications are being developed on Xamarin platform to capture operations data by executives for an Australian Company in Coolers and Restoration Business.

Development, Testing and Integration of Sales & Service Module in OpsManager Application was successfully accomplished.


What Others Say About Us

Paul Cowan-Cowan Air

I would like to take this opportunity to say the quality of service offered has been excellent. What we appreciated most was their ability to deliver efficient & user friendly solutions to our requirements.

Paul Cowan-Cowan Air
Ankur Bansal-Sanctum Real Estate

We at Sanctum are grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Veniteck and their team. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough with their skills; and all this as an excellent value.

Ankur Bansal-Sanctum Real Estate
Rajesh - Tools & Gear

Veniteck provides very good IT service with the highest integrity. They not only helped us organize and better manage our operations, but have provided us tools to look at our business more strategically.

Rajesh - Tools & Gear