Wishing one and all Happy 71st Independence Day

Veniteck Solutions wishes one and all on the 71st Independence day of our nation and not to forget, those blessed souls without whom we would not be celebrating this day. Hats-off to their toil in bringing freedom to the nation.

Today, we still are a developing nation but have indeed made immense progress and advancements in various specialities. Computers and IT have been in use since the ages. The world recognises India as the IT Giant today. Technology certainly has got bigger, better and faster. IT brands have showcased themselves with ease and the IT professionals indeed are on great demand.

India's IT market has augmented tremendously in the last few decades simply because of "off shoring". Advancements in technology is like a snowball, becoming larger and larger as they roll over. Innovation seems to be on a faster pace every day. Technology currently is simplified to such an extent that everything that was gigantic is now in your hands and is just a click away.

GST – Impact on Technology Services.

GST estimated to simplify the Indian tax structure is expected to show an enormous impact on many industries. It has been anticipated that the major sectors likely to be wedged include the IT segment offering amenities such as software development, mobile app development, website design and more.

The major barrier is to synchronize between tax professionals and the technology groups in leading and amending the IT systems. As the GST rules keep revising the ERP software provided by the IT majors has to be remodelled. Experts say that firms are now hugely concerned to update their tech frame to implement the GST (goods and services tax).

Overhauling the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business-management software to house the intricacies of calculating GST is the smart move. ERP aids monitor and manages everything in an organization such as HR functions, finance, and supply chain. The whizzes in the Indian ERP space comprise SAP and Oracle.

Firms will now have to set up teams that would include a tech expert, an indirect tax expert, a finance department professional and move on to an innovative system where there is an association between every entry made.

For the IT hardware firms, the revised GST system appears to make monitors much adored. It has been foreseen that 18 per cent tax will be levied on personal computers and 28 per cent on monitors which is a big hit local concerns. Due to the hike in taxes, the price of monitors, printers, data cable will certainly be on the rise.

The government has recommended a dual GST framework with the intent of protecting the financial liberty under which State GST, as well as Central GST, will be relevant for every supply of products. Although very simple at a basic level, the IT divisions may have some daunting changes that need to be regulated.

Nevertheless, it is natural for some teething issues. But once it all settles down there will be substantial gains from GST in the progress of trades and the Indian economy.


GST- Ways of impact on the IT sector

Tax Rate
The service tax rate on IT services is currently 15%. The commended standard rate is estimated to be about 17–18% and the revenue neutral rate is at 15–15.5% . As a result, IT service costs will lift up, chiefly for end consumers who do not allege the tax input credit. The packaged software as per the current tax structure is permitted to both VAT (approximately 5%) directed to the state government and service tax (15%) follows the central government. Due to the lack of clarity from the government, at times excise duty is also applied. Nonetheless, once the GST is implemented it is anticipated that, the existing average tax rate of around 25–35% shall come down to around 18–25%.

Surging Effect of Taxes
The new GST rule addresses the surging effect of taxes efficiently. As per GST, both the IT service providers and their clients will be eligible to claim full credit of GST. This is predicted to abolish the streaming effects of the current tax framework.

Business Process Change
As per the GST regime, IT service providers will have to branch off their services and invoice their clientele's based on location. It is mandatory that the service providers attain registration for all the states they have clients in since the SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) component and IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax) is provided for respective states.

The new  GST  regime appreciates IT services providers all over India to seek registration in as many as 37 jurisdictions and to register and file compliance reports at as many as 111 points.

e-Commerce Sphere
For e-Commerce firms, the GST is expected to considerably increase administrative costs and compliance burden. Under GST the TCS (tax collection at source) guideline will enhance the administration and documentation workload.

One Nation, One Tax….from JULY 1 !!!

GST (Goods and Services Tax), a major breakthrough has the potential to make India competitive.  A single tax to replace multiple levies is imposed to Augment Economic Gain and Curtail Compliance Pain. GST is charged on all dealings such as import of goods and/or other services, sale, lease, transfer, purchase, and barter.

Integrating several Central and State taxes into a single tax should lead to easier management and implementation. A Nation is complete when taxes are paid. The prime plus would be in terms of a decrease in the overall tax burden on goods for the buyer. GST amalgamates:

♦ Central Excise Duty                                                ♦ Entertainment Tax
♦ Service Tax                                                               ♦ Entry Tax
♦ Commercial Tax                                                     ♦ Purchase Tax
♦ Value Added Tax (VAT)                                          ♦ Luxury Tax
♦ Food Tax                                                                   ♦ Advertisement taxes
♦ Central Sales Tax (CST)                                          ♦ Taxes applicable on lotteries
♦ Octroi

Benefits of GST:
Business and Industry                                           Central and State Govt.                                          For the Consumer
Easy Compliance                                                    Simple and easy to administer                            Transparency of Taxes paid
Uniformity of Taxes                                                Better Tax compliance                                           Lesser Tax Burden
Reduces Compliance Cost                                   Efficacy Greater Revenue
Improved Competitiveness
Seamless Tax Credits

Nevertheless, GST will be a substantial reform of the indirect tax structure of India. Every person/business providing amenities is liable to charge for the GST. Mixed reviews of GST as a success or a failure is to wait and watch. The journey begins!!!

ISRO: A Ridiculously Incredible FRIDAY !!!

Yet another breathtaking moment. The whizzes at ISRO (The Indian Space Research Organisation) set a new record in space mission attainments after it successfully launched  PSLV-C38 bearing Cartosat-2 series along with 31 satellites from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Nevertheless, an extremely agile series the earth's observation satellite being able to spot terrorist camps to even the bunkers, is a major advancement in India's defence surveillance system. This is another feather to the prestigious department at ISRO's. Congratulations on the successful launch. It's an operation well and truly accomplished. A Proud Moment Once Again!!!

HIGH-QUALITY & BUG-FREE……isn’t Expensive It’s Priceless !!!!!

Validating and verifying a software application (product or website) to have achieved functionality is an intelligent effort. Testing proves the existing of bugs, not their absence. Finding flaws which may be created while developing the software by the programmer and gaining confidence in providing info about the level of quality are the key objectives of Software Testing.

The code developed is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product solves the needs during the prerequisite phase. During this phase all types of Functional testing like Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing  as well as Non-Functional testing like Performance testing, Security testing, Compatibility testing and Usability testing are completed.

The imperfections and faults made during the development phases ought to be rectified to win the client's consistency and their contentment in the application/product. Meticulous attention to detail and testing every module, ensuring that it meets client’s specifications is certainly a very shrewd and skillful effort.

Getting something done is an accomplishment, but getting something functioning aptly is an Achievement.


If you're into a business staying connected with clients is vital. Email has made it less tedious for us. An effective nevertheless powerful means to reach people in need of our amenities.

Email is used by individuals worldwide. A rapid means of communique nonetheless aids achieve goals in time...... because for every business.....Time is Crucial....Time is Money.....and ...Time is Success. Once generated and received you interpret them, get stimulated and even look forward to the next one. Email certainly plays a huge part in our daily lives. Gravely a big part.

Email marketing a personal means to reach your target clientele's works best when it is personalized. It can be tailored so that every message is pertinent to their interest. Email Marketing is vital since it is:

♦ Faster and Effective                                                                         ♦ Tailored as per interest
♦ Establishing Relationship                                                              ♦ Generate Leads
♦ Steady   Communication                                                               ♦ Economic and Affordable
♦ Automation                                                                                       ♦ Action Oriented
♦ Brand Awareness                                                                             ♦ Integration
♦ Segmentation

Use an email service that works, write a message that is welcoming and obliging, and hit SEND. It's that SIMPLE!

Mobile App a “MUST-HAVE” for Business Augmentation

Mobile computing is the future. We live in the era of smartphones and tablets. In today’s society, nearly every individual uses a smartphone with diverse mobile applications. Cheers to the budding expertise, formulating gadgets with state-of-the-art features that have dominated the world and made living simpler nevertheless separated individuals.

To augment one’s business and attain generous returns Apps the prime form of digital collaboration plays a vital role. Every business you interact with, now have their own devoted mobile app. Trades are all set in taking their businesses to a whole new platform.

It’s never astounding. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular and businesspersons reach out to create applications that magnify, and escalate their business. It connects clients and is handy to share the app with their contacts to build partnerships. The boons of a mobile app are:

♦ Customer Loyalty                                          ♦ Increase exposure across mobile devices
♦ Reinforce your brand                                   ♦ Push Notifications
♦ Enhance your visibility                                 ♦ Reach a wider audience
♦ Increase accessibility                                    ♦ Build a database of prospects/clients
♦ Augment online sales                                   ♦ Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Not just the gains, your clienteles will appreciate the ease of being in partnership with you since they will:

  • Have easy access to your portfolio
  • Announcements of special events, launches, etc.
  • Access to your contact info
  • Scheduling an appointment

Your vision about the future thoroughly lies in the choices you make. Having your business available online and an app that users can download to their devices will undoubtedly make a really good brand of your business.

Be a Tech Savvy, choose Wisely, get Visible and get Bigger!!!

Benefits of Online Marketing
Reach…. Don’t Preach !!!

Nothing is grander to businesses than to get their brand reach over to the millions of clients. Marketing undoubtedly makes the business look nifty. It certainly aids to identify and recognize the clients but it’s our objective to ascertain that the product or amenity fits him/her and sells for itself. Information in the hands of many is now the source of power.

Folks of any age, ethnic background, and communal position are focused and connected to the web one way or the other, to steer their personal, professional or trade-related processes. Internet marketing the modern day tool is developing its omnipresence and implication very rapidly. Today the web has an enormous influence on the entire world. Internet marketing is vital to enhance, reach, optimize one’s brand and build long-lasting business relationships. Benefits of Internet marketing:

♦ Inexpensive                                                                ♦ Availability to the Consumers
♦ Gauge Client Preferences                                       ♦ Tailored Advertising Methodology
♦ Easy to reach                                                              ♦ Provides Customized Offering
♦ Escalates – Website Traffic, Sales                           ♦ Meet Changing Demands
♦ Convenient                                                                  ♦ Improves Credibility                                                  

Internet marketing nevertheless makes businesses handy. Increase your online eminence and build partnerships that are enduring!!!

Website For Business

A client is the chief visitor on our grounds. If we don’t take care of them someone else will. To turn them away since its closing time is the ever most deplorable thing to occur. Businesses exist to create clients and most prominently to reach out to them.
Information…information….and more information is all that people want. Individuals spend ages browsing the internet just to get that crucial content they are after. In the business world, information is grave. In order to reach the target, you certainly need to have a website that contains data about who you are what you offer. You are then visible to the whole world. Benefits of having a website,

♦ Visibility                                     ♦ Accessibility                                  ♦ Credibility                                                      ♦ Increase Clients
♦ Create Links                              ♦ Have a blog                                   ♦ Business Discoverability                             ♦ Opportunity
♦ It cuts costs                               ♦ Better Relationship                     ♦ Advertising                                                    ♦ Increase Sales
♦ Satisfaction                               ♦ Voice your idea                             ♦ Access to info                                                ♦ Market Expansion

Building affiliations with your clienteles not only gives you the opportunity to prove your credibility but to spread the word about your firm amongst the folks. However to win contented clients is the finest business approach of all. Steadily updating and promoting the contents of the website brings in the possibility of enhancing sales and building long-lasting partnerships.
Having a website for a trade henceforth is a “must have” and not just a “nice to have” component anymore. For you and your business to thrive, be consistently Visible and Valuable.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fairly fresh notion used by industries currently in emerging an online community. It allows clients to meet and exalt the qualities of a precise brand. This in-thing creates buzz, drives web traffic, revenue and helps build a loyal civic with social media managing. SMM

  • Increases Visibility
  • Generated qualified leads
  • Help you reach your target audiences
  • Interactions made easy
  • Keeps you Competitive
  • People perceive you as a social network

It incorporates the objective of internet mаrkеting with ѕосiаl media ѕitеѕ ѕuсh as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and mаnу оthеrѕ. The new wave of web marketing has the identical gоаl as traditional marketing but with a faintly diverse touch. Sharing your knоwlеdgе in the same trade or any other rеѕultѕ in еxроѕurе and helps rise in the search rankings. It tаkеѕ a lot of time and determination to асcomplish the dеѕirеd rеѕults.

Sосiаl media marketing is undeniably a powerful strategy that acclaims уоur brand, trade, online profile and extensively aids in launching new business partnerships.

Facebook for Business

Facebook the prime social media platform in today’s world is a two-way communique between businesses and their clienteles. It indeed is a great way to gather feedback and discover zones for enhancement.

This social networking can be convenient for people and trades alike. Having a Facebook business page can aid you to gain exposure, share your passion, reach and associate with your existing and potential clienteles. It does have its own pros as well as some challenges. The pros include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Initiate website traffic
  • Low-cost marketing strategy
  • Generate business leads
  • Share basic information about your business
  • Customer Service and feedback
  • Monitor and improve

Just because something is favored, doesn't mean it has no snags. If you are considering branching your business, several elements must be well-thought-out.  As a part of your digital strategy, it is very time-consuming if done right.

  • Chiefly the time and resources you are willing to dedicate to the site.
  • Measuring the success of Facebook impressions can be tedious.
  • Clicking "Like" on your page does not assure that the person will see your updates in his/her Facebook news feed.
  • Interacting with your clients or fans over Facebook may sound friendly, but a few may use your Facebook page to pen unpleasant comments.

Marketing is a challenge for people’s responsiveness. Being optimistic about an undesirable situation is true leadership.  So act now, be shrewd and be of value!!!

Market to Achive Your Target

The ever-changing world from analogue to digital has made people scoff digital content increasingly, on their mobile phones, desktop computers, and laptops more daily. A rapidly increasing force that replaces the old-style altogether. Digital Marketing is immensely more reasonable and encompasses strategies focused on the Reach and Visibility of one’s business.

Digital means of communiqué and promotion are real-world, quicker, versatile, and efficient. It offers a potential to the marketers as it does to the consumers. The key forms comprise: Websites and SEO content, Blogs, Internet banner ads, Online video content, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Email marketing, Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

The comfort of tracking and scrutinizing outcomes are the core benefits of steering marketing digitally. To review customer response rates, measure accomplishment of the marketing drive in real-time, and empowers one to design more effectually for the one to follow.

The essential point is, those trades that fail to acclimatize to the new publicizing systems are in great jeopardy of going inexistent sooner than later. Reach don’t Preach. Digital Marketing is no longer about the stuff we make, it is more about building authentic relationships with people. Our Digital Marketing team can contribute, in reaching your target.

The Window of Your Business

The Website is the index of a business. A powerful marketing strategy for growing in terms of scale and size, with the help of SEO and SEM attempts, aid individuals trace you and help establish integrity as a professional. As a business holder, we need to know where the clients are, make sure they can reach us, know our business and what we can offer. A personal website is vital. It needs to be fresh and exciting. The brand image mirrors the business and is the opening point for building lasting relations. A crisp website can speak a thousand words. Key facts,

  • Low-Cost Advertising
  • Increasing Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • Increase Revenue
  • Communicate Clearly

We don’t meet folks by chance. They are meant to cross our trails for a reason!!!

Web Application Security

Veniteck solutions, the one-hub offering the best Digital Marketing Services comprises elite creative personnel to aid in safeguarding your website. Explore options for new interventions, incorporate algorithms, processes, and innovative ideas to streamline the concern. The simplest methods are the finest to tackle any tasks. The vital steps to be executed to safeguard your website:

  • A Secure Host
  • A Clean Website
  • Conversant Software
  • A Tough Password Policy
  • Scan And Backup the Data
  • Encode the Login Pages and lots more

    Please feel free to contact us. We are at your service to help reach your Visions.

Ditch the Smartphone

The average smartphone user checks his or her device 221 times a day. Putting your cell phone out of sight during work hours helps get it off your mind--unless you're so far gone that you experience phantom cell-phone vibrations. In that case, it's probably time you start rethinking your relationship with technology.


Just 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation can lead to more rational business decisions--not to mention better teamwork, being more creative, and a whole slew of health benefits.

Not the yogi type? Try the Headspace app, which has brought meditation to the masses. So go ahead and get your ohm on.

Skip Facebook

It may be tempting to log in and just peek at what your news feed is up to, but that's a dangerous move when you're trying to get something done. Before you know it, you're tangled in a web of cute animal videos and profile stalking, and it's 30 minutes later before you realize you've entered the Facebook time warp.

One study showed 23 percent of workers cited Facebook as the destination to "waste time."

But what if it's your job to manage social media profiles for a company? Try staying within scheduling apps like Hoot suite/Buffer so you’re not tempted to log in—or check out the Facebook at Work product that promises to keep work and personal separate on the network--and limit distractions from screaming goats.

Happy Birthday Veniteck Solutions

Cakes and sprinkles…wands and more, Veniteck Solutions in Bangalore has turned Four!!!!!! December 10Th indeed is a blessed yet remarkable day in our lives. Thanks to the Almighty for the immense aid and support all through especially during the dark hours and, helping us sail through this epic cruise.

Our voyage so far has backed us establish a lot of prodigious relationships, and we're looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thanks to all our commendable Crew, Partners, Associates, Family, and Friends for creating a space to do that every day.

Our laudable assets with a clear vision and strategic plans give us a tremendous feeling of confidence and the power to move ahead and make our dream a reality. We have collaborated on many ventures and have brought passion and dedication to the team. We believe to have more dreams than memories, more opportunities than chances, more hard work than luck and more business allies than acquaintances.

There is still a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish. Our vow to strive, adapt, nurture, and become the most impressive professionals remains enduringly. Let's keep it going and growing for years to come. Deepest Thanks for helping make Veniteck Solutions the happening hub!

Change your Scenery

If you're feeling a little foggy mid afternoon, try looking out the window into nature. No window? No problem--one study found simply looking at a computerized image of nature helped increase focus.

Even better though is to take a short walk outside. Research shows that a 30-minute lunchtime walk can help people cope with stress and boosts enthusiasm for the remainder of the afternoon.

Be Agile Even in your Day-to-Day Stuff . . .

The agile approach to building products and software and managing projects is finding its way into other areas of business and even into people's personal lives. A popular method is Scrum (an agile framework), which breaks large tasks into smaller items that are worked on and completed typically within a one-week sprint.

If you're looking for a whole new way to tackle your to-do list, you might find agile to be a more efficient method.

DON’T JUST SIT AROUND . . .Get Ergonomic

Sitting is the new smoking, don't you know. And some research suggests that even if you exercise but still sit for long periods of time, your health is at risk. Not to mention aches, pains, and fatigue can be a real productivity killer.

Luckily, there's been innovation in workstations that offer affordable sit-stand options, chairs that move with you more naturally, desks that recline and even allow you to take a nap.

Just Sleep over it, Take a Nap and Snooze . . .

Sorry! This is a long one, but still worth it, I think . . .

Can Napping at Work Boost Productivity?

By ABC NEWS Nov. 4

Dozens of small medical studies have shown that napping for about 30 minutes to an hour in the early afternoon increases a person's productivity, alertness and sometimes even their mood.

Still, unsanctioned napping — or to put it more precisely, "drowsiness" — on the job actually costs U.S. businesses $18 billion a year in lost productivity, according to a recent report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The findings raise the question of when it is acceptable for someone to take a quick nap, and when does it cross the line and become unacceptable.

In European countries such as Spain and in many Latin American countries, an afternoon siesta is, in fact, considered normal. Even local shops close in the afternoon for a couple of hours, when it's hard to get any business done.

In this tough economy, companies have actually begun clamping down on "napping." The Wall Street Journal recently cited a study to be released next month by Circadian Technologies of Lexington, Mass. In the study, 52 percent of firms told researchers they had reprimanded or even suspended office-nappers. That's an increase of 38 percent from 2002.

But can naps do a worker good?

A 2002 Harvard University study showed that worker burnout set in as a day of training wore on. Workers performed increasingly poorly over the course of four daily practice sessions on a visual task that involved having subjects report the orientation of three diagonal bars against a background of horizontal bars on a computer screen.

But allowing subjects to take a 30-minute nap after the second session prevented further deterioration and a one-hour nap actually boosted performance in the third and fourth sessions back to normal levels, the study found.