Mobile Apps

Veniteck’s success in the Web development arena has opened avenues for it in the Mobile technology sector as well. Today we are the proud providers of mobile application related solutions starting from app development to app testing for a wide range of mobile platforms. We provide application software designing services for smart phones, tablets and other portable devices.

Our software has been designed to function on all existing devices ranging from smart phones or tablet computer build native apps, web apps, and hybrid Apps We using Phone Gap, which allows us to create apps for existing operating systems like iOS, Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, devices. Phone Gap uses standard development languages like HTML and JavaScript.

Mobile development being the booming sector of the IT industry, we follow an approach to make our mark in the industry with our quality services. Veniteck specializes in the detailed processing of a product at each stage unless it reaches its desired quality level to prevent any significant breakdown following implementation.

At Veniteck we handle each project with a tailor-made methodology which is experimented and tested before being implemented. That is the ace reason behind our success in all the fields of services we have stepped into so far.