Cowan Restoration

Cowan Restoration was founded in 2002 and is proudly Australian owned Company located at Beverley, Australia. We are the one of Australia's leading restoration company. Cowan Restoration offers an extensive range of professional services for all your restoration requirements throughout Australia.

Cowan Restoration provides professional fire and water damage restoration services including:
small and large projects
domestic and commercial work
24 hours, 365 days a year Cowan offer the highest standards of service, at competitive rates, with an emphasis on friendly customer service and rapid response to events.

Our services are water contamination, fire contamination, electronic & mechanical restoration, heating, ventilation, ducts and air conditioning restoration, document restoration, dry ice cleaning, mould remediation, dehumidification and moisture Control, corporate Carpet Cleaning. Cowan has established a dedicated disaster recovery team to manage major insurance events together with those insurance claims requiring specific expertise. Cowan Restoration services ensures that our recovery team can provide the necessary quality and customer service with reducing insurance claim costs plan.