Software Development

Software touch to your Business

Software development is a self-regulating domain in the IT industry. The huge wave of digitalization sweeping over the entire globe, is creating more E-commerce enterprises and which in turn is driving all the businesses, whether product or service based, to go the digital way of trading.  This is creating more opportunities for the industries in the software development sector show their respective excellence to put on the topmost position for their brand.

When it comes to Veniteck, we have gained sufficient experience with our software development ventures in India and overseas. Our technology team develops software that is competent and prolific enough to meet the specific requirement of the customer while also incorporating our long-term experience to come up with the best in the competition. The team deploys Microsoft development tools like .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, SSRS and C# for our software development processes. Also, we bring into use MSBI technology as and when required.

At our innovation center we test and verify the newly developed software before its official launch to garner uninterrupted operation. Security factor is one of the major features of any software. We at Veniteck ensure that the safety measures are regularly updated keeping in view the new security threats and the latest security patches being evolved from time to time. At Veniteck, software security is sealed and hallmarked by us, in which data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption are primary activities towards security ensure.

The services that we offer under this banner includes application development under different domains which incorporates:

is a crucial business management tool used to sync activities like collection, storage, management and interpretation of data related to organizational activities. Our ERP applications are well distinguished for their integrated view into the core business activities in real time based on DBMS. This typically includes Finance management software, HR Applications software, Payroll management applications.

for which we are well recognized includes software that includes a wide range of applications and software critically and exclusively designed for managing customer data, eases business information, automates sales, provides marketing and customer support and also manage organization data.

for desktop using .NET framework. We also build Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using .NET and ASP.NET framework, while for application development we use Microsoft Azure platform

being a software development process which looks into the detection and prevention methods to be employed towards  software development risks, time factor and cost effectiveness. At Veniteck, depending on the organizational structure, requirements and budget we opt for analysis methods as per suitability:

  • Unit testing
  • Code reviews
  • Code coverage analysis