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Search Engine Optimization is a branch of digital marketing that optimizes the search results of a website. It facilitates betterment of web site ranking to organic web traffic to lead conversion. This is one of the highly sought after services in the digital marketing vertical. At Veniteck we provide SEO services combined with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consultation services. The target is to help in business development through the use of tools and techniques which make use of paid search.

Key areas of functioning:

  • SEM consulting experts will assist and guide through the optimization process using PPC (Pay Per Click) like
  • They help in restructuring the AdWords account of the client site.
  • The process of Keyword discovery and research is also taken care of.
  • Method of Text ad creation and its optimization is devised.
  • Google Display Network advertising is also included.


Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing or promoting products and services through digital media by creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagement and sharing.


Social Media Optimization is a major sector of digital marketing and is also very sensitive. Today the world business scenario is transforming rapidly and drastically with the social media presence. It provides a platform for trade and commerce to be globalized. In this respect, the Social business consulting vertical of Veniteck looks after all your needs to make your mark in the social platform.

Key areas of functioning:

  • Developing a strong hold on social media through the active presence in social networks.
  • Strategic plans and devices to get a strong hold on the Social Media handles.
  • Aggressive and up to the mark marketing through Social media channels which are regularly updated.
  • Understanding the existing policies of social channels and forecast the future of social media platform and accordingly devise techniques to prevent changes affecting the business at any point of time.
  • Execute a customized social media advertising plan to achieve long-term business goals.


Search Engine Marketing is an umbrella term over SEO and SEM. It comprises SEO and Search Advertising. “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) is an effective way to grow one’s business, promote products and is used to describe paid search activities. It offers advertisers an opening to place their ads to the inspired clienteles who are ready to make a purchase. Keywords form the basis of SEM as an advertising strategy. The general process of SEM: Attract Visitors – Convert Visitors to Customers – Retain and Grow Customers – Measure and optimize.

Key areas of functioning:

  • High Ceiling and Volume
  • Great Long Term ROI
  • More Exposure, Branding, Awareness
  • Highly Measurable and Quantifiable
  • Fewer Development Resources Needed
  • Quick Setup

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