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IOT Services

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses.

The future is bright and brilliant. IoT the New Digital Revolution is now taking over the entire race. Staying connected to everyone and everything where ever you are sounds truly amazing. Internet of things (IoT), nonetheless is the most happening thing as in technological expansion. Smart people living in a smart world keeps it all secure and under one’s control, all at just really a shout. This happens by incorporating the latest and exclusive technologies like Google Assist- IFTTT.

Veniteck Solutions is into this BIG move, focussing on developing ingenious products, offering you comprehensive IoT and Mobile Applications solutions. Likewise, portraying your ideas for real, keeping it simple, secure yet smart. This move will certainly result in adopting better technology for an even more enhanced and adept business.


Be it any device as simple as your cellphones, air-conditioners, home appliances, you name it. We help integrate any device to the Internet (AWS or any other Cloud platform) and in turn to a mobile app. Our experts are here to offer you end-to-end solutions, making the internet of things a reality.

IOT Developer – HardwareHardware Designs and analyses the PCB circuits, writes code for the sensors and tests the POC using test cases.


Cloud IoT Developer Assists in cloud integration, data collection, database creation, processing and creating API’s using Adafruit or protocols like MQTT, HTTP, etc.

App Developer Develops and designs functional mobile applications and translates code into user-friendly apps, as per clients requisites.

Technology nevertheless will change, entirely the way we live. It’s all going to be AI and sensors for decision-making, control intricate tasks and for data analytics. As a matter of fact IoT calls for boundless possibilities, networking and opportunities, happen for real.

The services we offer under this banner includes application development under the following domains: